Paint Me Pretty | Daily Prompt

A small brush

In a big world’s hand

There is no rush

I’ll wait for the end


Paint me pretty, please

What I lack in soul

Draw me at ease

Vanish the toll


Show me briefly

One that quickly

Passes by

Easy on the eye


Colors hit me one by another

Hoping to smother

What is left undercover


But as things unfold

There is nothing left to hold

And even colors can’t erase

What I can’t brace


For I

Have eyes were like the rose’s red

And black waterfalls have shed

Down the cliffs of my cheeks


Oh, world, I asked for a mask

But you held a mirror

And now I bask

In the shine, clearer

Daily Prompt – Paint – August 7th 2016


An Introduction Is Required When You Write Things or The First Post

It’s very natural to open a conversation (or a blog post, whatever) with an introduction. People do it in their everyday life. I believe that the handshake was created just so that awkward people will have something to do during those embarrassing introduction. If you are one of those awkward people, you might have noticed before how hard it is to concentrate while the stranger in front of you talks about his or her life. It is even harder to think about something interesting to say in reply. Think of this scenario – you shake the stranger hand, you nod as you listen to one of their fantastic tales (“I fought three bears simultaneously!”) but as the other person’s conversation topics ends, you start to panic.

As you might have guessed already, I am one of these hopelessly awkward people. Unfortunately, I always lacked the motivation to carry on a conversation. If you would place me in the situation above, I would probably be bluntly staring at the wall after a two-second conversation. I mean, I never fought any bears. I have never done anything that is even slightly as cool. The stranger will, eventually, stop talking about how Winnie the Pooh is not a real representation of bears. What am I supposed to do?

At this stage, I will start to fidget and begin to plan my escape.

This is exactly why I decided to write this Introduction. I hope that actually writing about myself will magically turn me into a person that slays all sorts of introductions – in other words, I want to “win at life” and to become a “functioning human being”.

An introduction about myself is a very strange thing to write, because I am quite familiar with the mysterious creature that is me. After all, I live inside my annoyingly oily skin, and walk in my own shoes, even though they constantly try to reject my feet.

The problem is, most people find it disturbing to discuss about acne treatments and shoe sizes during the first encounter – obviously, I am excluding dermatologists and any salesperson at a shoe store.

How odd.

My point is, a suitable introduction has to relate to people around me, too. Another problem that comes up here: different environments relate to different things. In terms of blogging, I believe that applies to these questions: Does that mean I need to change myself according to the reader’s demands? In what level should the reader be involved in creating content?

Well, I am not completely opposed to the idea of changing. I am all for evolving and learning. Of course, there is a fine line between ‘changing’ and ‘becoming someone else’. I will try my best to remain true to myself. If anyone has an issue with that, I will reply with an ancient popular quote. Its origins lies somewhere in the beginning of the past decade, and it is still very common with fanfiction writers to this day.

“Don’t like, don’t read!”

To conclude the mess that is this post, I still have no idea how to introduce myself to other people. If I were to judge this post by newly found introduction skills, I would say writing this was a waste of time. Nevertheless, I had fun writing it. I definitely understood something about me, though; protecting my sense of self is not just a habit – it’s a hobby!

Oh no, I think this last sentence sounded too much like a self-help book. This is definitely my sign to end this postastrophe (post + catastrophe. Someone probably came up with that phrase already, but it popped into my mind, and I’m very pleased with it). How do you even end a post?

Farewell, friends!

Ugh that’s a terrible way to end a post, I promise I’ll come up with something better next time.